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When is Mermaid Mary Margaret being published? Where can I buy the book?
Mermaid Mary Margaret was published by Bloomsbury USA in June 04. You can now order the book at Amazon.com, or at BookSense.com, or inquire at your local bookseller.
(ISBN# 1-58234-869-3)

What is Mary Margaret's favorite candy?
M & M's. Can you guess why?

Does the author, Lynn Hazen, also have red hair?
Nope, Lynn's hair is brown, with a few well-earned strands of grey.

Does Lynn do school visits and author talks for kids and adults?
Yes. Click here for more info.

How can I send some mermaid, merman, or sea creature artwork for possible inclusion on the "Sea of Mermaids, Mermen & Other Sea Creatures" section of your site? How will I know if my drawing or painting is included?
If you'd like to send in a mermaid, merman, or sea creature drawing or painting for possible inclusion on our site, first please get your teacher's or grown up's permission and send artwork (8 1/2 x 11 inches or smaller) to Mermaid Mary Margaret, PO Box 40097, San Francisco, CA 94140. Sorry, art submissions cannot be returned, acknowledged, or guaranteed for inclusion in our digital mural of sea creatures. In our free time, some art will be scanned, and may be modified or animated. We don't know how much time we'll have to update the site or how many pictures we might receive, so please check back from time to time to see if yours is included. Thank you.

How can I contact the author, Lynn Hazen?
Please use: Lynn E. Hazen, PO Box 40097, San Francisco, CA 94140. Thank you.

For school visits or author talks at bookstores, libraries, or schools, please email: AuthorLynn@aol.com

Why is Mary Margaret so crazy about mermaids and latitude & longitude?
Reading about mermaids, and wondering about mermaids are two of her favorite things to do (after swimming of course). As for latitude and longitude, Mary Margaret likes to know where people and places are in the world. She likes to use latitude and longitude to find locations on a map or globe. She also likes to think about where in the world she might get to travel someday, so knowing about latitude and longitude helps her dream up future travel adventures. Please see the latitudes & longitudes below.

On your About the Author page, you said you were writing another book about Mary Margaret. Where will she travel next?
Oh, I'd like to take Mary Margaret on several new adventures. I'll give you a hint of some places she'd like to go...

Can you find these locations on a world map or globe?

  •  Latitude 37 N, Longitude 122 W
  •  Latitude 19 N, Longitude 155 W
  •  Latitude 35 N, Longitude 139 E
What if I don't know how latitude & longitude works?
Time to learn! Ask your parent, teacher, or librarian for a geography book that explains latitude and longitude. Take a look at a globe or world map and find where you live. Or please take a mini-lesson here. Happy travels!

Does Lynn have any other books out or forthcoming?
Yes. Click here for more info about her new picture book, Buzz Bumble to the Rescue.

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