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Don't Just Sit There!

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Yep, sitting at the computer for too long is definitely not good for you. So blink your eyes 12 times to keep them from getting dried out, tired, and strained.

Good! Doesn't that feel better?

Now, stand up and stretch with Mary Margaret.
Open and close your hands. Stretch your fingers. Try it several times. An even dozen should do it. Scroll down for more stretches.

Wonderful. You're doing swimmingly! Rotate your wrists around and around a few times in each direction, too.

While you're at it, take some deep breaths, and lift your shoulders as high as they'll go, nice and slowly. Breath out, and let your shoulders relax. Repeat a few times. Computers are great, but you don't want to sit stiffly in the same position for too long.

Okay, let's stand and lean for another good stretch.

Stand up nice and tall. Stretch your arms way up over your head. Then lean slowly to one side, stand up straight and tall again, then slowly to the other side. Ah, feels good. Do several repetitions. Inhale slowly on each stretch up, and exhale slowly on each stretch to the side.

Now, try Mary Margaret's side twist. Hey, she kind of looks like she's dancing, doesn't she? You might as well put on your favorite music and dance along with her!

Feel free to keep the music on and keep dancing. Book mark this site and come back and visit another time.

By the way, is the weather nice out?
If so, what are you doing sitting at the computer?

Get yourself outdoors for a swim, a walk, to play some ball, or to do something fun with your family and friends!
Ever heard of "repetitive stress syndrome?" Believe me, you don't want it!
Bye now! See you next time!

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